At an Event

As a participant in any Solo event, whether or not you are a member of any car club, you need a car, helmet and valid driver's license. You are expected to arrive, complete a technical vehicle inspection and complete registration before registration closes. Some clubs do not allow late registration, some make you forfeit one of your runs, some charge a late registration fee. The only time a participant is exempt from late registration penalties is if they have made previous arrangements with a local event organizer. You can attend as many or few events as you'd like and you don't need to be a member to run. Preregistration is done online at We limit events to 60 cars Autocross and 30 Lapping so registering online and early is best to make sure you get a spot. Non-members simply pay the Guest rate. Tell the friendly Registration people you are new and they'll be glad to direct you accordingly. Read the rules using the link on the Home page in your spare time.

We have loaner helmets if you don't have one of your own. Nothing can be loose on or inside the car, tires must not have cord showing, the battery must be bolted down properly, the interior and trunk empty of loose items, including the spare. The spare can stay if it's also bolted down properly - most take it out to save the weight. Lots of competitors bring a Rubber Maid tote bin to keep their stuff in because it's dry and somewhat secure. Add air to your tires - 5 to 10 lbs. over the manufacturer specs. then adjust for handling at the event - an over inflated tire gives up less traction than an under inflated one.

When you arrive at the site, empty your car, register and pay at the Registration table, for Autocross, put the car number they give you on your car with shoe polish (on the glass, it comes off with water), tape, or make up magnetic material to make numbers or digital number segments. Do a course walk to learn the course before the 1st car goes out. Run with the correct group and work the course when assigned, you learn this by attending and paying attention at the Driver's Meeting. Every event entrant is required to help with marshalling the course during the event, which may include working the start/stop box, starter's stand, pit out, righting pylons knocked down during Autocross runs and flagging etc. Some clubs will withhold your run times or even disqualify you if you do not actively work the course. In most cases, the people who are running the event are also competing in it, therefore everyone's help is required and appreciated.

ASA events are normally held at Castrol Raceway, Nisku on Sunday evenings - click here for details.

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